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Our Mission

We strive to make performance opportunities accessible to a spectrum of aerialists, acrobats, and dancers, diverse with respect to age, skill level, body makeup, and race. We produce performance art that provides a platform for our local performers to communicate and connect with the Arizona public art patron community.

Our Story

Circus friends and a desire to create.

Amy, Elizabeth, Lindsay and Tawnya met taking classes and performing together in various local venues over the last decade. They’ve created and performed short pieces together. They’ve worked behind the scenes on student showcases, mentoring students and crewing the show. They’ve managed and performed for corporate events alongside one another. In recent years they bonded over a shared interest in using their aerial skills to tell stories beyond just beautiful lines and rhinestones. They formed Atelotorque as a very specific vehicle for the local aerial community in order to do just that. Using acrobatic movement, dance, and aerial arts to channel the personal stories of Arizona artists into cohesive long form productions , they create experiences that audiences can connect with on an emotional level while also enjoying the athletic feats.

In late 2022, they expanded their team to include the fabulous Ted.

Meet the Producers


Amy is a silks and rope artist primarily, although she’s also fluent in tippy lyra and trapeze. She’s been an aerialist for 8 years and has performed in lots of student shows, corporate events for several different entertainment companies, and even an occasional burlesque act. She is currently a silks instructor at Vertical Fix Aerial Arts. She has a passion for music and troubleshooting act development.


Elizabeth enjoys a little bit of all the apparatus and has been in love with all things circus for 7.5 years (and doesn’t even know who she was as a person before she walked into a circus gym at the tender age of 35). She’s also performed for local entertainment companies, so many student shows, and one very memorable burlesque festival in Colorado. She was a dancer and a gymnast as a child and is your resource for creative movement and choreography.

liz-pool-sitting vintage.jpg

Lindsay splits her apparatus time among silks, rope, and lyra and has been training aerial and performing for local entertainment companies and showcases for nearly 5 years. She has trained in Bali and at NECCA and competed as an aerialist in Las Vegas. She is our logistics go-to and assists with rigging needs among many other things.


Tawnya has been training and performing in the aerial world for a decade. She began her journey as a pole artist, before transitioning to lyra and sling in almost any form you can think of. She’s performed for corporate events, creative shows, and talent competitions. She’s the founder/owner of the entertainment company, Elevated Aerials, and is a skilled seamstress/costume creator. She consults on costumes and is our master rigger. (She’s also created all of our marketing materials, FYI.)


Ted has been practicing partner acrobatics and hand-to-hand since 2016, which has made up most of his circus background. Along with his wife and acro partner Jeni, he has performed in several shows and student showcases, slowly gaining more of an understanding of how to tell stories in a Cirque format. In 2022 he caught the attention of Atelotorque by producing and funding his first show, Pathway to Purgatory. Sensing a similarity in values, Atelotorque asked him to join their board, which he did excitedly.

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